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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

After Easter

OMG! I have finally recovered from Easter. It gets crazy when the guest room and couch fill up with my kids et al. So glad older daughter lives nearby and not far, far away!

This year, the weather cooperated slightly and we were able to cook on the grill - chicken! We paired that with potato salad, green bean casserole, rolls and dessert. Younger daughter made black bottom banana cream pie. WOW! It was delicious. Older daughter brought cheesecake. YUM.

Too bad it got below freezing the night before and the Easter Bunny was not able to hide the eggs outside this year. Our favorite 7 year old was able to follow the clues from EB to find the eggs with special treats in them. EB does love to start scavenger hunts.

Weather permitting tomorrow we are doing some outside work. Today was 80+ and it felt so good. Hoping the storms hold off.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

What Season Is It, Anyway?

The long winter here in mid Tennessee finally gave way to a pleasant spring. Sixty and seventy degree days in March sure feel good. The problem is, it did not last. It started to rain and the temps dipped back into the forties with night time lows in the *shudder* twenties and thirties. Gah!

It did allow for some genealogy time, and I took advantage of it. I grabbed a pile of paper from my organizer - see here - and started entering information. You know how it is though, when you start something, and don't complete it right away. Sometimes you forget why the heck you did something or who the heck that person is on the Find-a-Grave site you were interested in last year! I have accomplished quite a bit though, and still working down that pile! I really hope Spring comes back soon because hubby and I are working on an outside project that really needs to get done before Easter! More on that sometime next week, I hope!

Back to work!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blessing or Curse?

I recently found a Union Provost Marshal's file on my great-great-great grandfather, Edwin H. Carter. If I had any doubts after reading the first deposition, the second sealed the deal that it was my g-g-g grandfather by  the name of his step-daughter, Carrie Burbridge.

E. H. Carter lived in Lexington, Missouri, and was a slave owner. Let me make it clear that I do not apologize for the fact that he owned slaves. I have absolutely no control over that fact. It's unfortunate that he owned slaves, but it bothers me that he wasn't very kind to them for the most part. Here are the unedited depositions.

"Carter, Edwin H.
Provost Marshal File.

Violet Young. (Colored), age forty eight years being duly sworn upon her oath states, I live in Lexington Lafayette Co. Mo. I formerly belonged to and lived with Edwin H. Carter. He is my old Master & for most of the time previous to last August for nearly eight years I have been hired out by Mr. Carter to different persons. I lived with James Hays two years of that time & with Dr. Frank Cooley, two years. I was living with him when I assumed my freedom. My old Master, Edwin H. Harter was never a very kind master to me, his wife was generally a kind mistress, his daughters were very cross and unkind to me & my children. His sons were on the contrary always kind and polite to me & to all the servants and to my children. I never heard my master, or any of his family make any threats agains Pleasants or any one of his former slaves in consequence of their leaving or having left him. Some of his negroes said he had, but I never heard any threats made myself. I have no reason to believe of my own knowledge that Mr. Carter or any of his family had any thing to do with or knowledge of Pleasants being shot previous to its taking place or that he or they had any connection with or knowledge of the persons who shot Ed Pleasants. This is all I have to say.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 27th day of April A.D. 1865       

C. E. Rogers                                                her
Capt. & Asst. Provost Marshall 4th sub district.                          Violet X Young

Ann Marshall (colored) age 18 years being duly sworn upon her Oath states I live in Lexington Lafayette Co Mo. at this time. I formerly belonged to and lived with Edwin H. Carter. I was raised in his family. Mr. Carter & his family alwas treated me and all of his colored people very well until I left his Daughter, with whom I was living in Shelby Co. Mo. last Christmas, and come here at that time. During Christmas Hollidays I went out Mr Carters house to see my old Grandmother who was then living at his house. And Mr. Carter asked me what I was doing out to his house? I told him I had come "to see m Grandmother. He then told me to "leave," that he did not want "Contraband niggers to come about his place"  Mr. Carter took from me a letter that had been written to me with my grandparents names signed to it & he would not let me have it again & he sent me word by one of his step daughters Miss Carrie Burbridge, he would keep that letter  & that I could not have it again. I am acquainted with Ed Pleasants who was lately wounded. He was formerly my fellow servant & belonged to Mr. Carter. (over)  I know nothing of my own knowledge personally about the cause of Ed's being wounded or of the persons who committed the act. I never heard Mr. Carter or any of his family make any threats against or to Ed Pleasants. As far as I know Mr. Carter & Ed always got along very well together while I was with them or living at Home. I believe Ed left Mr. Carter's during las Christmas Hollidays & has not to my knowledge been there since. I believe I have nothing further to state.

Sworn to this 28th day                            her
of April A.D. 1865                            Ann  X Marshal
C. E. Rogers                                    mark
Capt. & Asst. Pro. Marshal
4th sub district"

The other name I recognized was that of Dr. Frank Cooley. He was married to one of my Chinn relatives (Penelope Ellen Chinn was my great-great-grandmother's (Mary Elizabeth Bowman nee Chinn) sister.

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