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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Of Marriage and Divorce in Michigan

Ancestry has Michigan marriage records, 1867-1952 and Divorce records 1897-1952. Hooray. Found quite a bit and it has been interesting searching.

First, I found a second marriage for Adele Kasten, my mother's cousin Leo Zimmeth's wife. Hooray. But I hadn't found a divorce record for her marriage for Leo. Adele was from Missouri, but since she remarried in Michigan, I hoped she would have divorced there too.

My first guess was that she divorced him while he served time in Jackson Prison (Jackson, Michigan) for armed robbery. He was released though in 1944, and sent to Kenton county, Kentucky where he was also wanted and Cincinnati, Ohio also had an outstanding warrant against him. I've never found anything in Kenton county or Cincinnati regarding him so I don't know if he did  time there or not.

To her credit, Adele did not divorce him while he served in Jackson prison. Instead she waited until March of 1945. I finally found the record today since their last name Zimmeth was indexed as Zimineth. Gah!

Then I went looking for my mom's cousin Celestine Zimmeth's divorce. Celestine and Leo were  cousins, not siblings. She married Bruce Parrott in 1950 and they divorced in June of 1952.  They were indexed as Parrolt. Gah again. That is a file I would love to see, since I have my suspicions about Celestine.  Very interesting.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Clifton Bowman: Where Oh Where Did You GO?

Almost from the first moment I knew about him, I have been searching for my great-grandfather Frank Bowman's youngest sibling Clifton or Cliff or whatever. He is 2 years old in 1860, where he is enumerated with his family. In 1870, I think he is the "Peter" enumerated with the family and suddenly he is older than his older brother, Frank, being 15 to Frank's 12. Frank was born in 1854, so you see where I think the error is. But Peter? Really?  In 1880, he is enumerated as Clifton and is age 20. No, really, he should be about 22.

I have some probate records involving Frank and Clifton as they were the youngest children of Lt. Colonel John Parker Bowman and Mary Elizabeth Chinn. Those papers end in 1880 mentioning that Frank and Clifton are of legal age. And that is where the trail ends.

Periodically, when investigating new databases, I will put Clifton Bowman's name in with a range of years, generally 1880-1900. Yesterday, I found a mention of a Clifton Bowman going on a fishing expedition in 1893 with 3 other men in Leavenworth County in the Kansas City (Kansas) Gazette. Could be him. Kansas City is not too far from Clifton's home in Lexington, Missouri, and it is not beyond the realm of possibilities. His eldest brother, Joseph W. Bowman, died in Kansas City, Kansas in 1919. In Joseph's obituary, only Frank Bowman is listed as a surviving brother.

The hunt continues.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Some Success Due to an Attack of OCFRD*

Thanks to the gentleman at Find-A-Grave, I was able to locate obituaries from Frank and Florence Bush Christe's daughter, Jacqueline Christe Price and her husband Jack Price. Jackie died five days before my mom did. Jack, about 18 months after my dad. There was no mention of her brother, Fred in her obituary, even though her parents were listed. Interesting.

Even more interesting, this is the first real attack of OCFRD that I've had in over a year. Boy, that makes me feel more normal!

*Obsessive Compulsive Family Research Disease.

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